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How To Use Inbound VS Outbound Marketing

How To Use Inbound VS Outbound Marketing

As most advertisers know, you’re only as good as your last campaign or your last media buy. If it works and sales get a bump, it’s on to the next campaign. At best, with outbound marketing you might strive to be the best footnote. Unfortunately, to stick out in traditional advertising you usually have to sacrifice your message for a gimmick and hope that some of the people who see the gimmick look closely enough for the footnote. Companies build a list of potentially interested people with a focus on who they want to reach out to. Sales representatives often use lists of people who have similar characteristics, such as demographics or geography. Another source of prospects is through ad networks, which allow sales reps to build lists based on location or interests.

As that happens, the potential customer is much more likely to buy from you, or promote your services. When I compare inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing, I wonder why we relied on outbound for so long. Therefore, you must look at both inbound and outbound marketing from that perspective before you pick aside. You only want to use marketing tactics that your brand can be proud of and that your customers would approve of if they knew how you executed them. More often than not, the truth comes out and it’s incredibly difficult to overcome a bad reputation.

This is because inbound marketing draws the attention of potential customers by engaging them with relevant content. Inbound marketing activities include opt-in email marketing, content production and promotion, social media, and search engine optimization efforts , among other things.

inbound vs outbound marketing

The challenge portions of this article aren’t here to scare you. With every single marketing strategy currently in place, there will be pros and cons. Although outbound marketing is seemingly riskier, there are some decent benefits to help balance it out. Expensive and time consuming – It’s no secret that outbound marketing can be expensive, especially when we talk about ads. Setting up a massive PPC campaign for hundreds of thousands of people is risky, and may not yield the result you’re expecting. Using PPC retargeting, you’re able to retarget based on what you know works. You could look at PPC as a more aggressive approach to inbound marketing, but it is inbound, nonetheless.

Email has the highest ROIof any digital channel for B2B companies and the sales funnel is appointment setting far shorter. INboundis where, by producing informative and engaging content, prospects come IN to your site or mailing list of their own volition. This could be through your blog, to download an ebook, signing up for a newsletter or webinar etc. There are hundreds of articles online proclaiming ‘Outbound is dead’ or that ‘Inbound is a fad’, each tearing the other methodology apart. However, there are pros and cons to both methodologies, and this article aims to give both an honest appraisal so that you can make the right choice for your market and business objectives.

Comparison Of Inbound Marketing And Outbound Marketing

There isn’t any nurturing of relationships or making deeper connections, other than providing a direct product/service to a large group of people at once. However, in addition to the most common tactics listed above, inbound marketing is also used in offline tactics like public speaking or publishing a book, and more.

For many businesses, that means starting with inbound marketing. However, as you grow, there may come a time when you may need to diversify your strategy.

The Benefits Of Inbound Marketing

It doesn’t mean that you should give up on inbound marketing entirely. Just accept that it won’t bring results regardless of your industry, your goals, and your target audience. It should be a process that flows in sync with your business and your long-term goals. Usually, you have to spend more to see more results, and when you stop spending money, the benefits stop. Unlike inbound, you don’t get many tangible, long-term assets that continue to generate leads with outbound marketing.

I might pause to look something up after I see it, but that’s a whole other step I need to take to connect to that product or service. It may sound silly to say, but commercials, billboards, and print ads aren’t interactive. Companies telling you what they want you to know and leaving it at that. At the same time, activate your inbound marketing engines in preparation for the long-term, as you allow the algorithms to index, understand, and rank your content.

The sooner you invest in inbound, the better your chances are of catching up and getting the traction online that you deserve. Newspapers and cable television are in freefall thanks to online media, and the average user’s attention span is shorter than ever. There are over two million searches on Google every minute and each one of those search returns millions of results. Those enormous number demonstrate how fragmented your market is as well.

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June 28, 2022

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